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George Hotz wants to ‘make driving chill’ with next-gen Comma 3 hands-free driver assist

The Comma 3 is slightly bigger than an iPhone and plugs into your vehicle’s CAN bus. | Image: Comma

George Hotz just wants to build robots. You can see the desire in the Comma 3, the next-generation assisted driving hardware from his company,

“It’s got two eyes,” he tells me, pointing to the two forward-facing cameras. He then holds the device up to his face so I can see the cameras are spaced about as far apart as a set of eyes on a human.

Hotz goes on, “It has a mouth for speaking. It can breathe air to cool itself… We’re building a human head.”

“We’re building a human head.”

You may remember Hotz when he went by the hacker name “geohot” to jailbreak an iPhone at the tender age of 17. Since then, he’s been a thorn in Elon Musk’s side, dissing Tesla’s Autopilot technology. And he’s pissed off Sony by breaking into a…

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